Marble Floor Cleaning and Polishing

marble floors polished

Natural stone is an exquisite addition to any property and also reflective of the character of the property owner. It takes an experienced stone technician to be able to identify and assess a particular stones condition. Our certified, experienced and fully insured craftsmen will prepare and execute a restoration and maintenance program of work for your floor.  We are the wise, and cost effective choice in all natural stone maintenance and restoration projects.

Marble Floor Cleaning and Stripping

When cleaning marble floor tiles we first prepare the area by taping a covering to the skirting boards and lower half of the walls to protect them. We then pre-spray the floors with a premium marble floor cleaning agent that will break down the dirt and grime and also remove any previous seals that had been applied to the floor. We use a rotary buffer machine and grout brushes to agitate the cleaning agents before vacuuming up.

We are asked about how natural stone should be cleaned regularly. Firstly, cleaning marble floors with steam cleaners is not advisable, as this is actually pumping moisture into the stone. When Cleaning marble floors at home flat mops and a pH-neutral cleaning solution would be a good way to maintain floors in the interim, preventing the build up of a daily traffic film. We have a print out schedule and instruction guide on how to clean marble floors that we leave with our clients


Marble Floor Restoration


Marble floor grinding is a phase in the restoration process that involves the use of diamond encrusted pads. This allows us to cut into the stone and is how we would proceed in the scratch removal from the stone.

Stone floor restoration would use is the same process that a carpenter would use to sand wood. Starting with a rough and aggressive grit to remove stains or blemishes, and moving higher up the grits to finally end with a very fine grit to smooth the finish.

Then we would set about the marble floor polishing stage, and hereby restore your floors to a high reflective gloss if desired. The final finish would be to our clients particular taste.

Marble Floor Sealing

This process is preferably carried out after the marble floor tiles have been “cut back”, ie. a micro layer shaved/sanded from the surface with diamond tooling. An impregnating seal is then worked into the natural stone by hand until it is absorbed completely.

We utilise the very best products to seal natural stone floors, both water and solvent based, and also Colour enhancing and non – colour enhancing impregnating sealants. They are quick drying and will require just a single coating.

All natural stone is porous and therefore it needs to ” breath” so it is advisable that a topical seal should never be used on such stone.


Marble Floor Polishing


StoneTex have been delivering superior marble floor polishing services to residential and commercial clients for over 15 years. This is a process that brings about a reflective, gloss like quality to the appearance of the stone. It is preferably carried out after the sealing process has been completed. The stone is “massaged” with an 11,000 grit pad. (that is 11,000 micro-scratches per square inch)

This is used in combination with the marble floor polish products to further enhance the reflective clarity . Polishing and buffing marble floors on a scheduled basis will ensure that your floors always reflect your character and gleam all year round.

Polishing Marble Floors DIY Enthusiasts can call us for any advise needed and we will be happy to help out. We work with all Natural Stone, including Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine Slate and Limestone …etc